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We want to share your stories. If you have an essay on culture, writing, career, etc., we want to hear from you. 

Please include: 

  • 800-1200 words (Please adhere to word counts) 
  • Short Author Bio 
  • Author Photo (Credit included)  


Are you an adventurous writer, who likes to spend their time amid the clouds? Submit your short story for a chance to be published on Permission to Write. We are looking for original content that is entertaining, easy to follow, and engaging. PTW welcomes your submissions whether you're new to fiction-writing or a published author. 

Please include: 

  • 2,000 word maximum (Please adhere to wordcount) 
  • Short Author Bio 
  • Author Photo (credit included)


All forms of writing have the power to move us, but poetry is it's own beast. With its intensity and rhythm, poetry can move us to our feet. Whether you're a spoken-word artist, baring your soul on stages, or a journal poet, baring your soul on pages, you can submit for a chance to be published on the blog.

Please include: 

  • Short Author Bio (100 words max) 
  • Author Photo (credit included)

Book Previews 

As published or emerging authors, we've all wanted to share a little of our story to test the waters. Hoping that in that share is the feedback our heart desires, ultimately creating a platform for our work. Here's your chance to do just that. Permission to Write is accepting sneak-peek submission for the author who wants to share their message and begin to build an audience before their book's release.

Please include: 

  • A short book synopsis
  • Brief Author Bio (100 words) 
  • Author Photo (including credit if applicable)
  • Excerpt (300-600 words) 
  • Book cover photo (including credit)
  • Release date

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Email submissions to hello@permissiontowrite.com with the respective category title in the subject line. Submission does not guarantee publication. Our editors will be in touch in the event your piece is published on the blog. Please do not email us checking on the status of your piece. If you do not hear from us, the piece was not selected.

Submissions should be solely owned by the author. Please ensure that you have permission to use promo photos and that your work is not published on any other medium. 

At this time, we do not compensate writers for submissions. (We are building here, but do believe in the value of your work.)