Writing for Mental Wellness

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Journaling has the ability to save us and keep us well and we wanted to focus on that in the month of November. As elections are impending, so much seems to be spiraling out of control at least in the United States. We think it’s the perfect season to focus on our mental health through writing.

So, we called on Edie King, MA, LPC who is a part of the Permission to Write team to put together a month’s worth of thoughtful prompts centered around mental wellness. Who better to guide us than a licensed therapist? Follow her @edierenee724.

Journaling has the ability to help me center myself. To calm my mind and give me peace as I move throughout my day. I’ve produced essays, newsletters, and maintained my sanity, all in the confines of my journal. I don’t know where I would be without the ability to write uninhibited in that way.
— Ashley Coleman, Editor-In-Chief

In case you’re still thinking that journaling is of the days of being a young child and starting entries with “Dear Diary,” here are just a few of the real-life benefits of journaling.

  • Boosts your mood.

  • Helps improve working memory.

  • Enhances a sense of well-being.

  • Can decrease symptoms of depression.

  • Helps work through trauma

  • The list goes on!

If you find yourself sharing thoughts on social media, feel free to use the hashtag #ptwwritingwell so we can see it!

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