Instructional Piece - Speak Your Mind Even If Your Voice Shakes

You were born free. Then as soon as you took your first breath you were tended to with by human after human for any need you had, because of this, you had the freedom to be exactly who you were. Until you begin to truly speak.

I cringe thinking about the years we’ve been programmed to believe your voice needs an external force to be valid. The thought that speaking, when spoken to, is the motto that we live by. Self-expression goes downhill. Living and navigating through this world with thoughts stuck in your mind, words stuck in your throat and the expression of love stuck in purgatory.

Sometimes we watch painfully while the trauma of living in a world that constantly reminds you what the 5 fingers said to the face can make you want to fade to black. But how do we reframe our perspective and learn that along the path everything you experience is in service to you. So how to you show up and show out? How do you turn the cheek in such a way that you find pleasure in your pain and transform it as only a true alchemist can?

No matter the trauma you’ve encountered that have made your voice lose balance, remember this is all temporary. Emotions are energy in motion, so you have to keep it moving. Speaking your mind is an act of revolution, even if only for yourself- You deserve it.

Here are a few tips on how to begin to speak your mind even if your voice shakes:

Unlock the cage you left your inner child in.

The adult is an alter ego. It is a version of you that you created once you found the power that was likely taken away as a child. This alter is a walking reaction filled with triggers, tainted perception, blockages, and caught in a cycle of fear lead avoidance. Going deep and letting that inner child out will help you release blocks, have real conversations with yourself that lead to healing and get you on your way to freedom through creativity.

Tap back into the creator in you.

You were born to be a creator. Children show us this when they play with sand for hours or have a full conversation on a fake phone. Your endless stream of capabilities streams through you, but when you are muted you get stuck doubting yourself instead of playing, and talking with yourself. Talk to yourself about what are some small things you’ve been wanting to do like, wanting to paint, or write poetry, or taking a cooking class. Take this up to the next level and make yourself a service to others, FOR FREE!

Expand your network.

I know your heart just skipped a beat, but I promise this will be easier than you think once you begin the first to steps. Those two are actually the hardest but they are also things you can do with yourself by yourself, but to really test out if your voice has found more balance is to go into places that are not catered to your comfort. We can all be our most valuable assets simply through osmosis. An expansion of your network is valuable when it’s intentional. Explore your likes, learn to be an asset to others then find others that will also be an asset to you. When you expand, you can start with sharing space and observing but never forget the value you can bring to any space. Speak in those moments where you feel empowered and ask questions- People love to share what they know and think.

Stick your toe in then jump!

SPEAK! Paying attention to the way your body is reacting to those scary moments are important simply because it shows you the target. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! Attack the moment that would generally silence you with your voice, every time. Do it over and over again until those physical responses disappear. Check in with yourself after every time, and practice breathing. More importantly, jump into that pool of self-love and swim in that… There is nothing that helps you speak more than LOVE. Train your voice by celebrating others loudly and talking more about what you love over anything else.

Learn why your voice shakes and lovingly shake it out of you.

Written by: Octavia Yearwood

Photo by Nkululeko Mabena on Unsplash