Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I wanted to rush you here into my world, but now I’m good with you taking your time.

I understand you’re being crafted by the G.O.A.T and there’s no rushing a masterpiece.

I mean you should see how He’s crafting me. Shaping me to be more patient and to take joy in

the little things. Making me more kind, slow to speak, slow to anger. I even gained more self-

control and wisdom of why He created me. I’m a bit bolder now, I no longer hold back. I speak 

my mind, but with style and grace. I’m more in love with me than I’ve ever been before. And it’s

not that self-absorbed kinda love, but more the self-car kind of love. I’m choosing my heart more

often! It feels good doing that! Shoot I give myself butterflies! So if He’s doing all this molding

within me, I can only imagine how dope you will be.


Your Future Wife

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Brittany Blackshire has been a self-proclaimed poet since the sixth grade. Writing poetry releases her bottled in thoughts and eases her pain. In her early writing career she could only write from the pain she endured. Now, in her 30s her writing is inspired by all things love and her spiritual growth. She is currently working on her first self publish book of poems that was written in her 20s.