The Confinement of the Title Writer

So many times I hear people say, “But I’m not a writer.” This leads me to believe that many of us have some type of idea in our head of what being a writer really means. Maybe someone led you to believe that it was this lofty, super introspective, and deep title, but I want to challenge you to throw out whatever preconceptions you have about what being a writer actually means.

We think of the greats like Baldwin, Angelou, Giovanni, and the list goes on and on. Each of them great, but completely in their own light. The reality of it is, there are tons and tons of different writers. There are novelists, non-fiction writers, poets, screenwriters, copywriters and much more! There are tons of different areas that require writing and it’s stilly to try and compare them all to one another.

You are a writer the moment that you put your pen to the paper. And yes some of us have different skill sets than others, but that is life! We all have something different that we bring to the table. I am friends with and follow tons of other writers. I am inspired and encouraged by them, but I know that no matter how great they are in their lane, I have my own thing and so do you.

Comparison across the board is detrimental and it tends to be the culprit responsible for stifling many writers from ever getting started. And that’s the major hump for many writers. Just the ability to get started! But once the creativity gets flowing, it’s hard to stop. But you have to get out of your own head which tends to be an issue for writers. We’re so heady! That’s why we’re great writers and can go for pages and pages on any given topic.

Being a writer starts with writing. We can strategize and plan and learn all day, but at the end of the day, actually doing the work will always be the first step. And the only way to cultivate and hone in on the talent is to do it. It’s more important to work on the connection between what’s going on inside your head and being able to articulate it in a way that your reader will not only understand it but feel something from it. Will they be moved? Inspired? Encouraged? Angry? In disagreement? This should really be our focus as opposed to if our names will ever appear next to the greats.

“There are artists that don’t realize they are artists.”

A fellow blogger tagged me in a photo with this quote on twitter and the same definitely goes for writers. There are a lot of writers that don’t know they are writers because they have never really just taken the time to get quiet and go for it. Feed your art. Yes, writers are artists too! The page is your canvas and the pen your brush. Get to it!

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Ashley Coleman is a writer, pen toter, and love advocate that explores life, love, and dreaming in color through words. Follow her @writelaughdream.