Remember that day on the fourth floor

During visiting hours I came to your room

Respectfully walking over to your ‘good’ side to greet you

As I parked myself on that comfortable

Versatile hospital guest sleeper sofa

I could have sworn you were sleep

But then you side-eyed you weren’t

At some stage of our conversation

We began to chitchat regarding your children

You told me I was strong

That I’d be alright

And for a few months thereafter

I trusted your wisdom

That is

Until your spirit floated away

Like the light of a firefly

On a starlit summer night

With no fun intended

Life without you proved like Maury

Strong can be a lie

Your being physically unavailable

Has become our keloid

We miss you

And think of you often

No one compares to you

We see charms of you

Over here and over there

Hold up,

I’m sure that’s a lash in my eye.

In retrospect, life appeared so busy

That’s the trick of life

Busy is a grinning thief

From this day, forward

Take the time to love her


Written by: Jondrea Nicole

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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