How do I get my work featured?

There are numerous ways to get involved. Each quarter we open submissions for the magazine for a month based on a certain theme. Blog submissions are accepted on the rolling basis. Special features are selected by our editorial team. Be dope and we'll find you, we promise! 

If looking for advertising, you can find more info here. 

what happened to the membership program?

We are currently revamping the program and will announce when we're ready to start accepting new members! We hope sooner than later! 

how do subscriptions to the mag work?

Your subscription gets you four (4) copies of the digital magazine. You will automatically receive a download for the most recent issue and the remaining three (3) will be sent directly to your inbox! There's nothing else you need to do. 


Is the magazine reserved for only black writers?

No. We amplify and cultivate the voices of writers of color. That means black, brown, and tinted people. And you don't have to be a person of color to support and read the works of writers of color! Share the work, tell a friend. That's how works of people of color grow and are truly appreciated. We are inclusive, however, we want to give light to those that have traditionally been marginalized through traditional media avenues. 

Are men allowed? 

Absolutely! You see our cover with Joel L. Daniels. Although our primary audience is women, all are welcome! 

More questions that aren't answered here? Feel free to email us at