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Membership Details: 

The Permission to Write Membership is an intimate experience to aide you in your journey as a writer through both instructional material and encouragement when it feels like nothing is flowing or you're just not good enough. We've all been there. As a member of Permission to Write you will have access to weekly emails, instructional videos and podcasts, and much more. Please check out the membership options below. 

Baldwin - $29/Month

  • Weekly Emails - writing tips, tricks, and educational pieces
  • Access to private FB community
  • Interviews - chats with industry professionals and fellow writers
  • Limited Resource Library 

Giovanni (Includes Baldwin) - $39/Month

  • Round up of pitching opportunities - curated opportunities for writers
  • Monthly Working Lunch - Bring your manuscripts, blog posts, ideas and receive feedback. 
  • Discounted admission to workshops.
  • Full resource library including workbooks, tutorials, and videos

Angelou (Includes Baldwin + Giovanni) - $75/Month

PLEASE NOTE: Memberships have no association with the writers. Simply the names of the plans based on writers whose works we love and admire. 


Is this membership for me?

Over the course of the last year I have worked with writers through my workshops, courses, and my private Facebook community. The common issues that writers face are overcoming their insecurity, finding their voice and believing in the value of what they have to say through writing. 

Does that sound like you?

You have great ideas, you have amazing books, and you have blogs that the world needs. But you find yourself struggling with the confidence to actually execute those things on a high level. 

We finish school, but there is so much more to continue learning and to continue exploring as writers. This membership is an opportunity to help writers like you in that process through a more intimate and engaged experience. I created what I wish I had to encourage me when I wasn't sure that writing was actually a talent. When I wasn't sure if I was actually good enough. 

  • Are you a writer looking for curated pitching and job opportunities? 
  • Are you a writer looking for opportunities to connect with other writers? 
  • Are you an author looking to complete a manuscript and receive info on crafting your best story and independently publishing your book? 
  • Are you a blogger trying to figure out how to make personal stories compelling? How to expand your reach? How to build your personal brand as a writer?

Then what are you waiting for?

A limited number of spots will open each quarter to keep this a quality and intimate experience. 


How do I join? 

1. Click the button below to create an account. 

2. You will then be prompted to select which membership tier you would like to join. 

3. Make the payment and you will have access to the materials for the membership tier you have selected. 

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