I was waiting for permission.

Permission to feel like writing was a real talent. Permission to believe that I possessed a skill that not everyone else had. Permission to believe that my words mattered. That they deserved to be shared.

We’re all taught to read and write as a basic necessity in life. Basic is what it feels like when you have a way with words. Sure you passed all your English classes with flying colors and scored masterfully in reading throughout standardized testing, but wasn’t that basic? Wasn’t that ordinary? 

I’ve learned over the years that it’s not. Not everyone has the ability to communicate effectively and eloquently through the written word. When I stopped looking around, when I simply decided that this is what I wanted to do, I gave myself permission. Permission to write. 
We don’t realize how much of our success is rooted simply in our ability to give ourselves permission.

Writing, being a writer, seems to hold so much weight. It’s a sentiment that resounds with the ink of James Baldwin, of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes and all the giants whose backs and shoulders we stand on.

My hope is to help you also navigate the process of giving yourself permission to write by providing the tools and encouragement needed to produce at your highest level. To find your way. To center yourself. To be more mindful in your approach to your artistry. We are artists as writers. We are a pivotal part of shaping history, cultural phenomenon, painting portraits of important figures and moments, and so much more. We find the words when others can’t. We help generations articulate the feelings of love, frustration, resistance, sadness, anger, resentment and triumph.  

The moment that you put the pen to the page with words that formulate sentences, and sentences that formulate paragraphs, you are a writer. The weight that you assign to that comes from you and only you. 

My work has morphed into not only my own journey in writing and discovery but to accompany others in the quest for permission. Sure, who am I even to have that type of authority in the lives of others? No one really. But someone who has stood in your shoes, lost and in denial, and found their way back to the abandoned journal pages to release those words and sentiments into the world.

It’s empowering, yet crushing, and we have to find the opportunity to excavate our own meaning, our own characterization of the word writer. 
It's time to give yourself permission.

Through your Permission to Write Membership you will have access to tools, live chats, videos, and much more to aid you in that journey. Let’s continue to grow together and become the best writers we can in the process. 



Ashley Coleman