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We are looking for some amazing stories and perspectives on life, love, identity, dream chasing, writing, womanhood, manhood, exploration, and so much more. If you are a writer looking to expand the audience for your work, we would love to hear from you!

The theme for our next issue is Writing and Social Change. With so much going on in the world, we can't help but think of the power that our writing has in making social, political, and economical change. When we use our voices, things happen. As we approach the mid-term elections in November, we realize now, more than ever that we cannot be silent. The lives and well-being of us all depends on our ability to step up, say something, and disrupt. What better way to do that than through our words and platforms? Social justice, equal pay, diversity, human rights, and so much more. We want your pieces that explore this topic, and look forward to reading your submissions.

We are accepting essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and book excerpts. 

Submissions are due September 30th for the next issue and should not exceed 800 words and are open to both female and male writers of color.


  • By submitting, you acknowledge that you are the sole copyright owner and this is your original work.

  • WLD Publishing assumes no ownership of your work and will publish solely as a promotional opportunity.

  • You agree to give WLD permission to exploit work digitally and use your namesake as well as snippets from the work for promo on the world wide web.

  • Submit only one piece per issue.

  • You will receive a response if we decide to publish your piece. We cannot reach out to everyone that was not selected.

  • You will not be monetarily compensated for your submission (Yet. We hope to pay writers in the future. We're working on a model that will help bring this to fruition.)

  • Please make sure that your piece is actually in line with the theme or it will be passed over.

  • In the event your piece does not make the journal, you may be asked about posting on the blog. You would be contacted, we would never repurpose your work without your permission.

Blog Submissions 

The Permission to Write blog is an extension of what we do through our quarterly magazine and online community. Here we feature interviews, articles on craft, poetry, and short stories. Submissions are rolling and do not have to stick to any particular theme.

When you complete your submission, you will be contacted if your piece is selected to post. Thanks so much for taking the time and we look forward to reading your work. 



When will I know if my submission has been selected? 

We give our team a month to read all the submissions. So you will be notified roughly a month after the submission ending date whether your piece was selected. 

Can I submit a piece that has been previously published?

Yes. Works do not have to be unique to Permission to Write. As long as you have the rights to re-publish the work. 

How are submissions selected?

We have a small team of Submissions Editors that review each of the submissions ANONYMOUSLY and score them based on storytelling, style, effort, creativity, detail, and grammar. The highest scores are selected for the issue and writers are contacted for editing. 

When do submissions re-open? 

Submissions re-open the month of the release and the period opens for one month. 

Do I still own the rights to the work I've submitted?

ABSOLUTELY. We just want to share your book with our readers. 

Do I have the ability to advertise my book? 

Yes, please check out our Work With Us page for details on advertising. 

Have questions that aren't addressed above? Email us [at]