Meet the Mentors. 

Monthly sessions available with the purchase of Angelou level membership

Mentors include:

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What takes place in the session?

  • Review a current work.
  • Get insight and advice on building your personal brand as a writer.
  • Get insight on the book writing and independent publishing process.
  • Developing as a writer
  • + more.

Wherever the conversation leads you and your mentor! Many of us could benefit from an accountability partner when it comes to finally publishing that blog, finishishing the book, or simply being consistent in our craft. 

Each mentor has a select set of skills that you can benefit from greatly from academic writing to journalism, writing books and so much more. In addition to your monthly mentor session, you will have access to the instructional material from both the Baldwin and Giovanni membership levels. All at a fraction of the price that it would cost to book with any of these writers individually. 

Are you ready to get started?

Interested in becoming a writing mentor? Email us, [at] with Writing Mentor in the subject line.